December 30, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Next year, keep your eyes and mind open

I was walking through the forest with my sleeping son, day dreaming, when something stopped me.I was not sure what the feeling was, but it felt out of place and surprising.I looked back, and noticed someone had left a random piece of carrot on a branch.Then as I looked closer, I noticed two more blueberries […]


December 23, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Happy Holidays from Nick Skillicorn and Improvides

Hi everyone, With the end of the year and Christmas nearly here, I just wanted to say a big thank you being being part of my community. I am so happy you are here and look forward to providing even more value to you and your teams in 2023. 2022 has been a hell of […]


December 21, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

A Year in Review: Three Trends That Defined 2022

As we wrap up the year and gear up for a new one, our team at Innovationedge would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the biggest trends that had a substantial impact across industries. While the unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021 were monumental to say the least, 2022 came with

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December 18, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Conversations With An AI: Yes, I consider myself human.

What do you think will happen next year? It‘s impossible to predict the future, but we can expect continued uncertainty and change. We can also expect to see a continuation of many of the trends we already see, such as the growth of technology an…


December 13, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Top 5: How to plan your 2023 innovation activities and events for maximum success

Hi there, With 2022 almost behind us, a lot of companies and teams are planning their next steps for 2023. This is especially true for venture and innovation teams, who let’s face it, many of whom had a very tough 2022. With the global economy stalling and fear of an upcoming recession, many companies have […]


December 11, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

How To Do Remote Ideation Right: All Of The Above

Some people find it challenging to brainstorm remotely, but in my opinion, there are times when it is more effective. I’ve previously written on the need to include people of all personalities in ideation sessions. However, teachers should rememb…


December 9, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Can meditation help or hurt your creativity?

In today’s world, there are so many things which are constantly distracting us. And we know that being distracted can be detrimental to our creativity. As a result, many people are trying to build up their internal ability to ignore distractions and be able to focus better in order to live a happier life. One […]


December 6, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Having an argument with Artificial Intelligence

You may have seen news of people talking about the new artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI, called ChatGPT. Put simply, this is a way you can ask questions to OpenAI’s huge artificial intelligence in a natural, chat-like manner. So for example, you can ask it questions in natural text, and instead of just linking to […]


December 5, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Tackle the monkey first

When faced with a significantly challenging innovation project, is it worth doing the easy tasks first to get some quick wins on the board, or should you tackle the hardest part of the project? I have been listening to some podcasts with Annie Duke recently, who has a great new book out about when it […]


December 4, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Tech Layoffs? Let 25000 Startups Bloom

I live here in Silicon Valley, and no doubt any of you who are into technology and the news have heard the news of massive layoffs in the tech sector. You’ve got 11000 layoffs at Facebook or meta; I don’t even know what percentage of the co…


December 3, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

WHY FREE THE GENIE WORKS: Thinking Beyond the Pandemic

1. TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE: No matter how creative you are, having the right person to brainstorm with — at the right time and in the right way — can often be the difference between success and failure. Human beings are social animals. We ne…


December 1, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Supporting Teams & People During the Great Attrition

You’ve probably heard that it’s more expensive to hire a new employee than it is to retain a current one, but as organizations struggle to recruit new candidates during The Great Attrition, this couldn’t be truer. While the cost of losing a team member varies depending on their level of experience, wages, and the industry

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November 30, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

My Top Ten Posts on Medium

Recently, I’ve discovered MEDIUM — a blogging platform with more than 100 million viewers per month. Not all of them have made it to my Medium abode yet, but word is getting out.

In case you haven’t visited that part of cyberspace, now’s your chan…


November 28, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Balancing your innovation portfolio: Does the 70-20-10 rule still apply?

How much of your innovation budget and innovation efforts should focus on improving your existing business, and how much should seek to explore and transform your business for the future? This is one of the fundamental strategic questions which every business leader needs to consider. One of the best ways to assess what proportions your […]


November 27, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Comments Are Better Than Their Content

The Case for Comments and Why They Should Be Taken Seriously Comments are a vital aspect of the internet and have their place in communication; they’re not just a tool to criticize someone else’s beliefs. The comments are meant to be taken …


November 22, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

THE BEAUTY OF FEEDBACK: It’s Not a Weapon. It’s a Mirror.

I want you to imagine, for a moment, that I am your manager and, while passing you in the hallway on the way to yet another meeting. I catch your eye, take a step towards you and, in a halting voice, say “Umm… uh… hi… I’m wondering if you have …


November 21, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Why Facebook needed to let go of 13% of their workforce

While the massive layoffs at meta are terrible, it sadly shows one of the major issues that companies struggle with when they try to grow and innovate too quickly … facebook tried a huge number of innovation projects which failed. But this was not the problem. As I read in a wonderful WIRED article: Remember […]


November 20, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Are We Ready To Give Up Agency To Save Time?

I have spent the better part of the past few years advocating for goods and services that cater to the inherent slothfulness in all human beings. I’ve concluded that the automation of many of the daily tasks would make my life significantly easie…


November 18, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

If You Enjoy Reading What I Write

If you enjoy my writing, I invite you to click on any one of the six links below. These are the six most popular posts of mine on MEDIUM — an online platform where I am publishing daily. If you like what you read, feel free to subscribe to my posts …


November 14, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

If you want someone to make a decision, give them fewer choices

We often think that giving people more choices is better than having fewer choices. After all, wouldn’t we all want to have the option of getting something perfectly suited to our desires, than having to settle for what is available on the shelf? However, research has shown that if you want people to make a […]


November 13, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Are Your Telling Your People To Innovate?

At this point, you might wonder, “Why is my company so behind the times?” It’s possible that you’re thinking to yourself: Why can we not match the level of innovation displayed by everyone else in our field? Why is it that we ca…


November 11, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Types of Innovation

Innovation is an important part of staying competitive in any market, and most businesses would say it’s a high priority for their organization. When thought about abstractly, however, it’s hard to imagine how innovation can impact current and future o…


November 10, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

32 Inspiring Quotes on Mastery

“Mastery” is a fascinating phenomenon — one that many people speak about, but few attain. Is it possible? Yes, it is. But what is it really? Ah… now that’s the question, isn’t it? The dictionary defines mastery as “possession or display of great …


November 10, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Nine pregnant women cannot deliver a baby in one month

Some things just take time. Traditionally, one of the best ways to speed up the delivery of a project is to allocate more resources to it. After all, if one construction worker can lay 1,000 bricks in one day (note, this is just a guess…), then a hundred construction workers could lay up to 100,000 […]


November 8, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Recruiting and Hiring During the Great Attrition

Whether your organization has been impacted by The Great Attrition or not, you’ve likely heard plenty about how employers are struggling to retain and hire talent. Also known as The Big Quit, this trend may have been fueled by the pandemic in the beginning, but as it continues, it’s crucial for us to look at

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November 7, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

L.I.V.E. (Lean Innovation, Validation & Execution): A new, more effective way to manage multiple innovation projects

This new management method makes it nearly impossible for innovation teams to fail at delivering multiple challenging innovation projects faster, with less risk and lower required budgets. Most innovation experts often say that traditional management processes are not the way to run innovation projects. And this is true. Traditional project management and financial management processes […]


November 6, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Do What People Want: Don’t Fight Human Nature

What are people like? I have a feeling that we all, on some level, already know the answer to that question. Despite this, we continue to believe that humans can alter their nature. We believe that because we appear to be intelligent and capable of cha…


November 3, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

101 Reasons Why You Definitely Won’t Read This Blog Post

I know you have no time. YOU know you have no time. I know you’re not gonna do anything you don’t wanna do. YOU know you’re not gonna do anything you don’t wanna do. We both know you’re not going to read this blog post. It’s too long and you have way…


October 30, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

The Challenge Creative People Face

Here is one of the biggest challenges creative people face: finding the right balance between spontaneity and planning.

Spontaneity, while a huge part of the creative process, can also be a huge curse. The intoxicating nature of spontaneity — and…


October 30, 2022 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Build What Customers Love, And The Money Will Follow

Even though we talk about improving profitability and our customers benefit from the profitable new ideas we help them generate or generate for them, there are still a lot of creative ideas that, when they are first conceived, have nothing to do with p…