March 2, 2023   |   by Chris Kalaboukis
RGI is the home to the world’s best innovation resources. We offer a comprehensive list of resources for innovators, including books, articles, blog posts, podcasts, and more. Learn about the latest thinking and approaches in innovation Find new ways to be more creative and productive in your work Better understand how to commercialize your ideas Get inspiration for your next big project Find the right people to work with on your next innovation project We also offer a variety of tools to help you be more productive and efficient in your work. Whether you’re looking for resources on how to be more creative, how to better manage your time, or how to find the right people to work with, RGI has you covered. The goal of the website is to help people grow their innovation capabilities by applying creative problem solving to different aspects of their organization and moving people toward new ways of working. We aim to provide a one-stop shop for innovation resources, whether you’re looking for inspiration, how-to guides, or the latest thinking on the topic. We believe that innovation is essential to the success of any organization, and our mission is to help you be more innovative in your work. If you have any suggestions for resources that we should add, please let us know.