Next year, keep your eyes and mind open

December 30, 2022   |   by Chris Kalaboukis

I was walking through the forest with my sleeping son, day dreaming, when something stopped me.

I was not sure what the feeling was, but it felt out of place and surprising.

I looked back, and noticed someone had left a random piece of carrot on a branch.

Then as I looked closer, I noticed two more blueberries symmetrically paved either side of it.

Someone must have carefully left them like that.

But they were so small and hidden, the person probably never expected anyone to notice or see them.

There was no expectations of acknowledgement, “likes” or fame.

I looked to believe the person did this for themselves. Nobody else.

For the simple joy of expressing their creativity and making something creative.

Ultimately, that is the most important person to be creative for.


Even if nobody else ever notices, if it brings you satisfaction, it is worth it.

So next year, keep your eyes and mind open.

You might see something someone else made.

Or you might notice a simple moment to create something for yourself.