The Idiot Savant’s Guide to Accelerating Culture Change

November 30, 2017   |   by Chris Kalaboukis


Imagine, for the moment, that you have been tasked with the challenge of addressing the need for "culture change" within your team, department, or entire organization. I'm assuming you didn't go to graduate school in "culture change" and that you also have a lot of other stuff on your plate. Correct? I thought so. Yours is a curious challenge that will require some major clarity on the front end, skillful facilitation in the middle, and meaningful follow-up on the back end.

"Corporate culture change" is a head banger. It's easy to talk about, but hard off to pull off. To increase your odds of success, lower your stress, and help you navigate your way through the maze, here are seven points to consider -- a homeopathic dose of what I've learned since 1987, providing various innovation sparking services to a whole bunch of forward thinking companies. Ready? Probably not, but keep reading anyway.