Why Travel Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

April 17, 2016   |   by Chris Kalaboukis
Why Travel Makes You A Better EntrepreneurBeing a passionate about traveling I found that this activity may stimulate your entrepreneurial thoughts,  spontaneously give you an absolutely brilliant idea, provide with the sudden solution you’ve been looking for so long,  calm your inner tornado etc. There is something similar between unrestrained traveler and entrepreneur. Both are risk-takers anyway, both are on the search of the uncharted territories, both are adventurous enough to follow their inner compasses. Once I stayed for a few nights in a tiny hotel in Lima, a bustling city with great eclectic of business and leisure, where the mix of citizens savor the local lifestyle.  Enjoying my morning coffee in a lovely place (La Rosa Nautica) I was suddenly interrupted by excited women who rush into the restaurant and started to write down something into her organizer. Even waiter seemed to be a little confused. As things turned out to be this extraordinary but … Continue reading