Therapy device uses fun, interactive music games

November 12, 2015   |   by Chris Kalaboukis

I did not realize how common hand injuries are, and how limited the options are for those attempting to heal at home. Over 3 million individuals are living with hand impairment after stroke or other neurological or muscular injuries. Here is a glove that has helped patients who have lost function in their hands. MusicGlove is the world’s first FDA approved, clinically validated hand rehabilitation tool designed to help individuals regain lost function after an injury. The device senses the finger and thumb movements, allowing users to practice these movements while playing a fun, therapy-based music game.

The game also tracks performance over time, making it easy for users to reach their goals.
In this video, Flint Rehabiltiation Devices, LLC demonstrates use of the MusicGlove.

The device empowers individuals to regain their independence by delivering a motivating therapy regimen that is proven to significantly restore hand function after three weeks of use.