May 31, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Platform helps displaced families in Haiti crowdfund new homes

This is a great combination of Open innovation partnerships, social media input from crowdsourcing, and helping make the world a better place.  New Story is a non profit based in Haiti, and has come up with a crowdfunding platform which enables families to raise the money to finance building a new, long-term home. It takes […]


May 26, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

On hiring Millennials and bringing out their best

A new study tells us what many already know: Millennials will be the largest generation in the U.S. workforce as of 2015. Yet we often have a difficult time hiring members of this youngest professional generation.  Why is that? Check out this infographic and see if you can glean some insights: The study reveals changes […]


May 25, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

The Creative Versatility of the Task Unification Technique

It’s hard for me not to play favorites when it comes to the five creativity techniques of the SIT method. After all, they’re just like children – each is unique with their own potential and personality. But when it comes to versatility, the one that may do it the best is Task Unification. It tends to produce ideas that are both clever and resourceful, often harnessing resources in the immediate vicinity of the problem in a unique. These ideas tend to make you slap your forehead and say, "Gee, why didn’t I think of that?"


May 23, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Hawaii Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Power by 2045

Did you know that Hawaii is on the verge of being the first state in the U.S. to set a goal of generating all of its electricity from renewable energy sources? This is exciting news for our island state. There is a new bill that is gaining popularity that offers 100 percent of the state’s […]


May 21, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Games innovators play

What if you could gain the knowledge and expertise to be able to manage innovation while dealing with the balance between running short-term operations and building long-term strategies – all from playing a game? I came across an interesting article about using games for business models. It’s called the the Innovation Management Game, and it […]


May 19, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Google to eliminate human drivers?

I shared this on our Facebook Page today. (I hope you are following our stories there.) It seems that Google’s goal of putting cars on “auto pilot” is becoming a reality. In fact, this prototype is going to be logging in road hours starting in June. The car has no steering wheel or pedals, so […]


May 19, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

The Second Direction of Innovation

Most people think the way you create an idea is to start with a well-formed problem and then brainstorm a solution to it. What if you turned that around 180 degrees? It sounds counter-intuitive, but you really can innovate by starting with the solution and then work backwards to the problem.


May 18, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

2025 tech predictions an opportunity for hackers and innovators

The future – at least in the short term – will make our identities even more of an open book if we’re not careful. That’s according to a new report out from the Institute for the Future called Information Generation: Transforming the Future Today, and identifies five “key directional shifts” in the coming decade. 1. […]


May 15, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Google to make surgery robots

Google and Johnson & Johnson are teaming up to develop robots that can perform surgery.  The companies say they are developing a “platform” to make robotic assistants to help doctors during surgery. Financial terms were not disclosed. What are your thoughts? Click the image to read more:


May 11, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Marketing Innovation: The Inversion Technique and How Bad Things Happen

Jacob Goldenberg, in his book, "Cracking the Ad Code," describes eight patterns that are embedded in most innovative, award- winning commercials.


May 1, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

California’s drought problems need innovators to step up

I travel to California frequently, and have seen first hand the devastating effects of the drought and the water problems facing people and businesses. And many other states will soon feel the pinch of what’s happening to our California friends, by way of food shortages and the like. But for those who live and work […]