January 15, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Droning About Drones

Something that was in huge supply at CES were drones – little itty-bitty drones which can fit in the palm of your hand (the Nixie and the ZANO) all the way to huge drones which could deliver packages (I wonder if Amazon will be shipping via drone anyways, even though they said they weren’t – its… Read More »

January 9, 2015 | by Chris Kalaboukis

Big Brothering Ourselves At CES

Specifically looking for interesting examples of internet of things (IoT) implementations at CES, I was struck by all of the devices that basically allow to us watch ourselves, take pictures of ourselves and video ourselves. Ultimate donut selfie, anyone? There seemed to be a huge undertone of “security” all over the place – there were… Read More »