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Building Differentiating Capabilities for Innovation

I would argue there is the real, urgent need is to make the innovation capabilities and capacities as distinctive and unique as the circumstances ‘we’ are facing today and in the future but also highly adaptive and flexible, so you can be ready to call upon each of the components when needed, in new combinations that deliver on the resul

3 Business Innovation Reports You Must Read Right Now

The following business innovation reports cover three core elements that consistently prove important to success: developing a certain kind of company culture; the connection between data, legislature, challenges, and opportunities; and finally, emerging business trends that continuously impact enterprise innovation programs.

Harnessing the Global Talent Pool to Accelerate Innovation [White Paper]

The talent market relationship changes are not just happening at the individual level. Change is also happening at the organizational level, as organizations themselves are moving from a fortress mentality, where all work is secret and kept inside the organization’s four walls, to an integrated, global economy...