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What Appears to be Strategy Often is Not

I regularly engage in hansei (reflection) after each of my facilitation engagements. It’s a simple learning mechanism, essentially an after-action process of asking: what I expected to happen (my hypothesis if you will), what actually happened, and what explains the gap, if there is one. And there invariably is. The gap is where learning and insight live. ...

Mobile Technology May Not Always Be the Answer

As the world plods onto bigger, greener and higher tech pastures, one would assume that every industry would go right along with it. The public release of the Internet heralded the downfall of some, such as video rental stores and travel agencies. Those that survived have generally embraced mobile technology, with iPads replacing mechanical cash registers in some establishments. However, for others, this process has been slower to catch on or is entirely non-existent. For those who are considering whether or not to integrate mobile technology into your business, consider if it will help or hinder operations. Below are examples of varying levels of success to integrate technology within different industries. Retail As mentioned earlier, many retailers are trading in their old, archaic cash registers for an iPad as their point of sale. Apps like Vend Register POS and Xero can handle everything from sales to finance tracking. These programs … Continue reading