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The Future of Shopping: Are you Ready for Conversational Commerce?

Welcome to the Future of Shopping. Are you Ready For It? Lately, we’ve looked out at the near future and determined that there are several huge sociological, economic and technological shifts which are occurring in the world which are starting to affect our customers almost immediately. To that end, we have developed a set of strategies…

People drive progress and disruption, not technology

How Do You Progress? Keep Moving Forward, No Matter What Recently, we’ve been running several foresight exercises to consider the future of certain technologies more than 10 years out and I must say that it is a very interesting, and in my opinion, optimistic future that we are seeing. We are seeing a future where…

Connecting: The Key To Your Next Billion Dollar Business

What Do These Billion Dollar Businesses Have In Common? What do all of these companies have in common? Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Instacart, Etsy, eBay & WeWork Here are some things that have been said, while correct, they are not the essence of what makes these companies so valuable and so disruptive. For one, whichever service they…

The Next Hot Space: Chat Bots and Conversational Interfaces

Rise of the Smart (and not so smart) Chat Bots. I’ve talked at length before about the Seamless World, where in some not too distant future, big data, the internet of things, predictive analytics and automation will all come together to create a world without interfaces, where everything we need to happen in our lives…

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Hyperpersonalization Hits Home

A while back, I wrote a post on hyperpersonalization impeding innovation – which discussed how keeping people in their little cocoons by surrounding them with a completely personalized experience to themselves will hamper innovation. I mentioned that in a world where everything is personalized to your needs, how can you come across moments of serendipity which can lead […]

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Startups, Innovation and The Future

We get this question a lot – why do you focus on these three things on your blog? Well, if you ask me, innovation is all about attempting to predict the future – looking at the market, at trends, both mega and micro, and coming up with high level scenarios to determine the state of the […]

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