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To Innovate or Not? From Spurgeon to the Bloomberg Innovation Index

“Let the lion out of the cage”, a quote by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), could apply to innovation… Ideas can be shackled. If an idea cannot be heard, explained, elaborated, even debated; it is at a disadvantage. Unable to move forward, it can’t be free and realize its potential. The free open flow of ideas leads ...

The State of Crowdsourcing in 2016

Based on an updated 2015 dataset, the eYeka report provides an analysis of the latest evolutions of how the world’s largest companies are leveraging creative crowdsourcing. The report looks into which sectors, companies, and brands are the most active users of crowdsourcing for marketing and innovation, with a specific focus on FMCG. It also analyses ...

Why Innovation Leaders are Running Into Brick Walls of Opposition

Why Innovation Leaders are Running Into Brick Walls of OppositionEvery now and then, a study crosses my desk that causes me to assault my assumptions on almost everything I thought I knew. And a just-released report by Boston-based membership organization Innovation Leader did exactly that. The upshot: I assumed that the practice of innovation was further along than it now appears to be. Let me explain. Continue reading