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Fluid Intelligence – Are you getting enough sleep to innovate?

Most Americans don’t even come close to getting enough sleep. The average in the USA is 6.8 hours, and in my anecdotal experience, many people working in high pressure, ‘innovation on demand’ jobs probably get considerably less than that. But a couple of studies suggest very strongly that sleep may be even more important for ...

What Product Managers at Pepsi Got Wrong But You Won’t

No one and no organization has a perfect record when it comes to releasing new products into the market. Failures are frequent — around 40% or so depending on the industry — and they happen at small companies, big companies, and experienced companies, including Pepsi. In this interview, you’ll learn a simple and profound concept ...

Why Holidays are Good for Innovation

Design and marketing are integral to the process of turning good ideas into successful innovations. And I believe that these are best integrated into the innovation process as early as possible, making the product story and the user interface an integral part of our innovative product or service.