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What’s Your Innovation Definition?

So many organizations set out to innovate, but lose their way close to the finish line. All of the time, money, and energy invested loom over them like an ominous shadow of failure ready to overtake the whole scene. What happened? There was so much momentum, good will, collaboration, and then—the painful, public crash into the wall.

Following Four Different Paths to Innovation

I had the opportunity recently to interview fellow Innovation author Gijs van Wulfen to talk with him about his new book The Innovation Maze, which is a follow-up to his great first book The Innovation Expedition. 1. In the book you cite a study saying companies reported a drop in breakthrough ideas between the mid 1990’s ...

Why Innovation Leaders are Running Into Brick Walls of Opposition

Why Innovation Leaders are Running Into Brick Walls of OppositionEvery now and then, a study crosses my desk that causes me to assault my assumptions on almost everything I thought I knew. And a just-released report by Boston-based membership organization Innovation Leader did exactly that. The upshot: I assumed that the practice of innovation was further along than it now appears to be. Let me explain. Continue reading