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6 Tools: Jobs to be Done with Tony Ulwick [interview]

Tony Ulwick is well known for the creation of Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) and as the founder of Strategyn. In this recent interview, Chad McAllister sits down with Tony who shares 6 tools from his new book, Jobs to Be Done: Theory to Practice.

4 Skills to Increase Income for Product Managers and Innovators

The topic of this article is part of a series of interviews I’m doing focused on the four skills that enable a 25% higher income for product managers and innovators. The 4 skills were first discussed in a previous interview I did with Rebecca Kalogeris. They are: Pitch artist – the ability to present and ...

Leading and Managing Product Innovation Teams [interview]

I enjoyed watching Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” when it was released in 1998 and have more recently re-watched it with my kids. I was amazed at the character animation and quickly pulled into the story line when I first saw it. What I didn’t expect was the reflective advice it would provide on leadership and management, ...

Outcome-Driven Innovation: Know what customers want before developing the product

Know What Customers WantAn old marketing adage is that half of a company’s advertising is effective, we just don’t know which half. A similar conundrum faces innovators and product developers, with the best companies finding success with about half of the products they create (and the odds are much worse for average companies). Continue reading