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Brand Essence: The Rock’n’Roll of Business (Part Three)

Part 3 of 3 Your marketers either need to create a fire or be fired. If you have uninspired and uninspiring marketing professionals on your team, be warned. Give him or her one chance to kick into high gear. Then act decisively. Fire them if they cannot change tempo. Be bold and be emboldened. Marketers ...

Hire the Best People with These 6 Interview Questions

There’s no lack of sources for canned interview questions. A quick Google search on the phrase interview questions turns up about 20 million hits! Good luck with that. In 30 years of interviewing people for roles in fast-paced startup cultures, I’ve come to realize that the vast majority of standard interview questions are useless. Yes, I ...

Hiring the Right Chief Innovation Officer

Hiring the Right Chief Innovation OfficerIt's innovate or die, and this new reality leaves all companies focused on Winning the War for Innovation. This quest to win the war for innovation has led many companies to begin hiring Chief Innovation Officers (CINO), or Innovation Managers, VP's of Innovation, or Innovation Directors. But many companies have done so in haste... Continue reading

Una mirada el interior del acabado modelo de contratación corporativa

Una mirada el interior del acabado modelo de contratación corporativaHe estado leyendo con interés algunos textos de la reciente serie #HowIHire de Linkedin y, al hacerlo, ha sido interesante observar cómo muchas personas todavía están operando bajo el viejo y acabado paradigma de contratación cuando se trata del mercado de trabajo. El mejor del conjunto que he leído ha sido el de Beth Comstock “Usted está contratado. ¿Y ahora qué?”, que tiene más que ver... Continue reading

Innovating With Acquihires?

A number of companies I’ve worked with seem to have a pattern for innovating – instead of looking to build products and services based on the ideas of their own people, they typically scan the market for interesting companies to buy up, and acquihire them into the belly of the beast. I can see why […]

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