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Why Holidays are Good for Innovation

Design and marketing are integral to the process of turning good ideas into successful innovations. And I believe that these are best integrated into the innovation process as early as possible, making the product story and the user interface an integral part of our innovative product or service.

Innovation: A Journey of Discovery

Innovation: A Journey of DiscoveryInnovation gets defined so many ways that it can be confusing. While there is a repeatable framework for creating new value, the iterative nature of front end discovery work can perplex those who believe that work should be linear. Continue reading

Seven Steps to a More Creative Organization

Seven Steps to a More Creative OrganizationFirst, how do you bring diverse knowledge and insights into the organization to create these unexpected connections? Second, how do you ensure that the creative ideas generated are relevant to your business? Third, how do you support a business process that seems fuzzy and turn it into reproducible steps that invite broad contribution? Continue reading

How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 1

How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 1 - Innovation ExcellenceThe term “Fuzzy Front-End” (FFE) has been established for the early stage of innovation which determines the innovation effectiveness and hence ultimately innovation success. We wanted to better understand where leading firms are setting their priorities in the FFE currently and where they see things going in the future. To answer this, we conducted a study. Our train of thought and the main findings are in a two-part article series published here. Continue reading

What if your Innovation Program Really is Rocket Science?

Rocket Science InnovationLou Killiefer, Innovation Excellence Editor at large had this recent “Innovation Conversation” with Ken Savin, Ph.D., Advisor, Innovation and Development, Eli Lilly and Company, and Cynthia Bouthot, Director of Commercial Innovation, Center for the Advancement of Science in Space. Continue reading

Welcome to the Mid Zone of Innovation

The Mid ZoneThe Front End / Back End model was right for its time... however, fast-forward nearly a quarter century, and we find that things have changed a bit. Continue reading