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Brexit as an Innovation Opportunity

What we should be thinking about now is less how to put the broken eggs back together again, and more about how to use this instance to innovate the structure of government and how we intend to provide good governance to the people in the UK, in the EU, and more broadly what this event means in a global context. Continue reading

You’re Free To Do What You Want, Any Old Time

One of the best songs ever – I’m Free by The Soup Dragons

The reality is that we are finally free, to do what we want, any old time.

One of the reasons why Uber is floating in the valuations that its in at the moment, and is stirring up so much goodwill on the one side and so much wrath and controversy on the other side is that, in my opinion, it truly speaks to some things deep in our human roots:

  1. We are social creatures, and deep down, we really like helping each other
  2. We are independent creatures, and we want the freedom to do what we want, any old time
  3. We are lazy creatures, we want people to do things for us, and are willing to pay people to do these things for us, and we want things to just happen instead of us having to do them
  4. We are thrifty creatures, we hate seeing things just go to waste, sitting around unused. We don’t like wasting money on things when we don’t have to
  5. We love to see David take on Goliath and win – we are huge fans of the underdog beats the big guy

Uber, even in the limited area that its focused in, speaks to all of these pieces of our human nature: we ARE social, independent, lazy, thrifty and love seeing the small and scrappy overcome the large and lumbering.

I see Uber making mainstream the elements above – literally being the vanguard to bring all of the above elements into every area of or work and lives. There is no reason why all of the above are simply limited to the ride sharing space – any and all of those elements could easily be incorporated into your firms current offerings, thus tapping into the immense underlying essence of what it means to be human. If you just tap in one of the areas above, then you will have already made progress. Tap into all five, and watch your brand skyrocket.

Let’s say you are on the lookout to develop or expand one of your current offerings. Simply pick one of those elements above, and see how you can weave it into the offering. Let’s say that you are a home building retailer and one of the things you sell are power tools. Let’s pick element 3 – people are lazy. Why not build an on-demand tool delivery service, based on task? Build an app which allows customers to tell you which task that they are trying to perform, then suggest the tools required to perform that task, then deliver those tools for the duration of the task, then take them back for the next customer. Or add element 1 – people like to share – give the customers who purchase a tool the option to join the local “Drill Owners Club” where they can rent their new purchase out to others in the area in order to help defray the costs of the initial tool purchase. Eventually the tool could be paid off, and the customer could make money from renting the tool.

Based on the systems, frameworks, networks that we have today, we are more free to do what we what, any old time. The question is, will you help your customers be free, or not?