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Eliminating Walls in B2B Platforms (keep an eye on Amazon)

The stark truth of platforms and ecosystems for B2B companies is that there will never be one dominant platform that everyone accepts and leverages. In fact there will almost always be several segmented platforms in any company or industry. This means there is real value in being a platform bridge or connector.

Looking for Disruptive Innovation? Maybe All You Need Is a Clear Vision

Vision and Freedom: Two Essentials For Disruptive Innovation I worked at Yahoo from 2004 through 2009. During my tenure, we ran three major programs, an enterprise-wide innovation program, which generated near-term products and services, a futurist program which crowdsourced both future strategy and future focused patentable ideas, and a targeted IP development program, which focused…

To Adapt, We Need To Evolve

When scientists decoded the human genome in 2001, they found something astounding. While our DNA provides the blueprint for everything about us—from how we develop in the womb to eye color and personality traits—it takes only 20,000 genes to do so, less than one fifth of what had previously been thought. What was even more mindblowing ...

A New Way Amazon Changes Everything

The arrival of the Internet began major disruption to decades old methods of consumer packaged goods (CPG) distribution. The tried and true method of manufactures selling to a collection of wholesalers, who then sold the product on a range of retailers began to be reexamined. We saw the arrival of online retailers like Amazon who ...

Reality Always Wins The Future

How do you predict the future? There are a lots of ways, of course, but here are two which seems to work well for some things: You take something that currently exists today and extend it out in the future, then think about that world, for example, right now, there are a few autonomous vehicles… Read More »

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The Rise Of Homo Nexus: Are We Now The Borg Collective?

  Recently, I have been binge watching Star Trek: Voyager (such a geek, right – love those 90s hairstyles). One of the key premises of Star Trek (all versions save for the new JJ Abrams dreck) is that  individuals can always triumph over a “collective”.  The Borg was evil because it was a collective. When you… Read More »

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