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Measuring Innovation – what really matters?

I attended a fabulous organizational culture conference recently in Melbourne that took the audience right back to culture, climate and engagement measurement basics. It was powerful to see how the links and connections between Organizational Culture Audits & Diagnostics, Climate and Engagement Surveys were expertly made.

Gather, Implement and Trumpet: The Essentials Of Employee Engagement

Innovation Programs Lead To Greater Employee Engagement Almost everyone has heard of the Hawthorne Effect, even if you may not know the specific name. It’s a study that you typically hear about from consultants, leadership coaches and motivational speakers on improving productivity. In short, the Hawthorne Effect was a named after the increase in the…

How to Run a Successful Innovation Challenge

Nothing is more intriguing, inspiring, and engaging than a good old-fashioned challenge. Whether you want to build a culture of innovation, reach employees in a meaningful way, or search for immediate ideas to solve pressing problems, an innovation challenge may be the answer. What Is an Innovation Challenge? An innovation challenge is an effective way ...

eX Summit: Is the real innovation around employee engagement?

Many organizations have failed to focus on the experiences of their most important competitive advantage: employees. It’s now time to talk about the employee experience (EX). That’s why I’ve founded eX Summit, a space to debate the importance and impact of the employee experience. Our first event eX Indy will take place on September 22 in Indianapolis.