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How To Be The Next Elon Musk

Everyone Wants To Be Elon Musk. Here’s How. If you spend any time on Quora, the question and answer site which I pioneered a version of back from 2000-2005 (as I’ve always said – begin a futurist is like being a meteorologist, you are usually right, but at the wrong time) you’ll find an inordinate…

The Yin And Yang Of Elon Musk

At the recent Code Conference, Elon Musk had a wide ranging interview about everything from who he thinks will compete with Tesla in self-driving cars to neural laces that will augment human intelligence and his plans for space travel. But the thing that caught my eye was his assertion that we all are  might be living in a computer ...

What Does Emotional Intelligence have to do with Productivity and Innovation?

Happy face, sad faceElon Musk, much like Steve Jobs, couples his drive and ingenuity with a fluid charm and charisma, making him and leaders of his caliber something like the Ubermensch. The amount of things that people like these accomplish might even make the common person wonder if they’re robots--but it turns out they may actually be even more human than the rest of us. Continue reading

Is Disruption is Good or Bad? Please Stop Arguing!

Is Disruption is Good or Bad? Why We Need to Stop Arguing! - innovation excellenceThe idea of disruption excites some people and terrifies others. Consider the recent case of The New Republic, in which a new, disruptive CEO came in and vowed to “break shit.” The company’s top journalists balked, the brand was sullied and the business still struggles. And all for what? Continue reading

Aquion Energy Attempts to Disrupt Tesla’s Next Move

Aquion Energy Attempts to Disrupt Tesla's Next MoveWater, water, everywhere... Is water the solution to one of the biggest shortcomings of renewable energy? When the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine, these renewable energy sources don't source much energy, so during those times home owners and businesses using alternative energy must instead draw more power from the grid. Continue reading