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5 ways you are limiting your capacity for innovation

Every company wants to disrupt their market or category. But most game changers tend to be new entrants from other categories, entrepreneurs or small, regional, niche players. It is rare for established brands and companies to to truly upset the apple cart and upend their competition. Why do big companies find it so difficult to develop a new product/service or a business ...

3 Keys To Creating Meaningful Innovation In Your Marketplace

The phrase “disruptive innovation” gets thrown around a lot. The way we describe disruptive innovation has moved far past Clay Christensen’s original use of the phrase. Yet, it’s one of those buzzwords that we often use but don’t necessarily know what it means, or how to create it. It’s hard to achieve the goal of ...

Reinvent your Business Model with The DO School

Nicolas Bry interviews Florian Hoffmann, charismatic founder and managing director of Berlin’s DO School...a renowned development ground for young social entrepreneurs that has developed an original innovation offering to corporations and startups.

Revisiting Jill Lepore’s Debate with Clayton Christensen

Jill Lepore's New Yorker article about how Disruptive Innovations have failed and how the theory is bogus completely underestimates the forward-thinking and world-changing power of disruptive innovation in business.