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Do You Let Your People Go There?

Next Time, Really Put Everything Is On The Table. Go There. The Hope: Your leaders take whatever risks they need to in order to get the job done. The Reality: Your leaders are risk averse, hoping that their less-than-bold moves trigger some kind of true change. How many times have you heard, in the midst…

How To Disrupt: Be A Playful Diverse Guided Human Mesh

(…and soon, humans and machines…) What are the key qualities one needs for their company to disrupt? I think that people make a huge mistake when they think of companies as monolithic organizations (or organisms) which exist on their own, separate from the world, competing with everyone else, and attempting to win (with winning being the accumulation of…

59 Innovation Events for Q4 2015

Earlier this year, Jason Williams shared a list of 46 Innovation Conferences for 2015. That list has grown to over 150 and provided the inspiration for Explorious Ventures. Explorious Ventures, both a collector and connector, has curated the world's largest list of innovation-related events, conferences, festivals and happenings. See the list here! Continue reading