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Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding

Each year businesses spend an aggregate of $40B on market research.  This is largely in an effort to mine new insights about customers’ unmet needs, or to test out new ideas to see if a large enough segment of their customers (or of the general population) will react positively to them. Businesses have begun to realize ...

Innov’Up at La Poste (French mail company)

Aude Le Carpentier is in charge of Innov’Up Creativity, in the Service-Mail-Parcel sector of La Poste. She’s a 27 year-old manager of a team of 15 creative people, helping business teams to develop innovative services. She kindly accepted to answer our questions on the story of Innov’Up. 1)  What is ‘the reason why’ for Innov ...

Customer driven innovation at Ricoh

Mike Irvine is the leader of Ricoh’s European Technology Centre. His team is responsible for bridging the gap between Customers business needs and the Ricoh engineering and development teams. I met with Mike at Barcelona Innovation summit, and was impressed by the presentation he delivered on customer driven innovation, and how Ricoh unfolds various ways to involve customers in its product roadmap. Mike kindly accepted to answer a few questions about it.