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Transport Challenge: Deutsche Bahn and Data Pitch ask startups to change the future of transport

German rail company, Deutsche Bahn AG, is making its data available to start-up businesses and SMEs as part of Data Pitch, a new European Commission-funded initiative which is supporting open innovation with data. Deadline for entrants is Oct. 1st.

Waterloo’s Dynamic Innovation Ecosystem: A model for Syrian Refugees

How can a moment when the global community highlights the plight of tens of millions of refugees put anyone in a celebratory mood? What is innovative about a world that seems to be getting ever more efficient at producing refugees? Let me explain.

ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 – we have a winner!

Wow, so close! We are delighted to announce that, by a single vote, the winner of the ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 for Excellence in Innovation Management is Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with the Fraunhofer Institute a close second.

ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 – Finalists Announced

Those of us who work in Innovation Management know how hard it can be.  Innovating innovation management itself needs to be recognized, which is why ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, launched the Grand Prize in 2015, to recognize excellence in innovation management. This year, with great support from our media partners, including ...

ISPIM Grand Prize 2017 Recognizes Excellence in Innovation Management

ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, is delighted to announce the launch of the ISPIM Grand Prize 2017, for Excellence in Innovation Management. This will be the third competition, building on the highly successful 2015 and 2016 events, won by the US Department of Energy and Orange respectively.

Capturing and supporting innovation in the building industry

Whilst the construction industry is not one that is renowned for being particularly innovative, there are in fact a number of fascinating technologies emerging in the sector. For instance, you’ve got the drones that track project progress to the use of augmented reality to do likewise, or even the wearable device that aims to ensure ...

Can you set targets for creativity? Part 2 – how?

This is the second of two articles on setting targets for creativity.  The topic of part 1 is why targets should be set; this part deals with how to set them. Following on from the first article about the rationale for setting targets for creativity, I’d now like to suggest how and what should happen. ...

Innovativeness – The Ultimate Transferable Skill

Innovativeness – The Ultimate Transferrable Skill - Innovation ExcellenceThere may be no more important capability a person can have in the 21 st century than knowing how to innovate. Not just professional innovators, but every one of us. Personal innovativeness is not a single attribute, but rather a whole constellation of behaviors that in combination fulfill all of the diverse capabilities that innovation requires. Continue reading