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Innovators, What is Your Strategy if the Market Crashes?

Obviously the stock market, and more importantly, the economy in general has a big impact on innovation.   But whether or not it makes sense from a long term vision, investment in innovation is often one of the first places to get hit when money gets tight.  We have all got somewhat used to a ...

Innovating for a Worse Customer Experience (Insights from United Airlines)

This week’s debacle at United Airlines highlighted a darker side of Innovation. While this was an extreme example of terrible customer service, I think it is merely the tip of the commercial innovation ‘iceberg’ that has been pervasive in the airline industry for many years.

The Only Three Swim Lanes that Matter to a Business

  In the course of my training with business leaders, we inevitably come to the existential business question… “What is the purpose of a business?” This is a great question, and one with a very simple answer. The purpose of a business is to create value. That’s it.  To create value.  Plain and simple.  That ...