10 indulgent US food and beverage trends for 2016

One of the areas our IE team watches is the Food and Beverage industry. The trends we’re seeing for the coming year continue to focus on health, but with a decadent spin.

FoodBevMedia has posted these trends that you may want to watch – and sample:

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10 indulgent US food and beverage trends for 2016

#1Avocado for days

The “good” fat in your guacamole and on your toasts will soon become your favorite cooking oil and ice cream flavor!



Another way avocado gets into our system. With New Year’s detox and other cleanses, the juice trend is still going strong – and is the reason why Americans have been eating more fruits and vegetables lately. The great thing about juices is how creative you can get.


Sugar alternatives

Demonizing sugar wasn’t a bad thing, given its “hidden” kinds, in condiments for instance, have led to dramatic increases in obesity, heart disease and cancer over the “fat-free” craze. As we get rid of sugar, sweeteners and artificial ingredients, people will go for naturally sweet foods like honey or peaches as well as sugar-free ingredients like Dijon mustard.

#4Enhanced water

Watch out, sodas! Energy, coco, cucumber or fruit-flavoured, water is making a strong comeback and is the next big market for Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Organic, low-cal wine 

You heard me. The wine trend keeps on growing, with organic, low-calorie and low alcohol wines available nationwide. Best thing about it? Lots of them are coming from top regions (France, Italy, Spain and New Zealand) at affordable prices.

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