LAST DAY TO VOTE – Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2015

Voting Open - Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2015Voting is now open in the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2015 Contest hosted by Innovation Excellence. If you're a first time visitor to Innovation Excellence, we have over 7,500 articles on site to support our mission of making innovation insights accessible for the greater good. Please check out our search feature, browse by category or author, or subscribe to our rss feed, email, or free magazine. Continue reading

Four Reasons to Take a Rapid Prototyping Approach to Your PLM Implementation

Four Reasons to Take a Rapid Prototyping Approach to Your PLM ImplementationMany companies view product lifecycle management (PLM) implementations the same old way they’ve viewed enterprise system implementations (like ERP) for years. As a result, companies tend to follow the same waterfall implementation approach. The waterfall approach, which originates from very structured project methodologies in the manufacturing and construction industries, is a linear and sequential approach to software implementations. Continue reading

3 Big Things to Look Out for in 2016

3 Big Things for 2016Is there anything truly new that is having a major impact? A new year is a great time to both reflect and look forward. In past years, I’ve written about how the cloud is reshaping industry, how interfaces are evolving and the emergence of new ecosystems. We always seem to be in the midst of some great new trend that is reshaping how we live and work. Continue reading