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hellofuture has a proven track record of creating and developing innovation programs resulting in thousands of ideas and hundreds of patents for our clients.

We provide tools, processes and manpower to help your company establish effective innovation programs and systems within your company, just like we’ve done for Yahoo! and Citigroup.

  • Do you have independent fiefdoms within your company who compete for resources, talent, and knowledge?
  • Is your innovation limited to a string of incremental improvements?
  • Do you have no cohesive, enterprise-wide innovation programs which leverage the brain-trust of your employees?
  • Have you seen employees leave to develop their ideas into their own startups?

hellofuture can help. We provide:

Grass Roots Innovation Programs

grassrootsWe create & run grass-roots innovation programs, which include processes and tools which help unearth innovation and innovators at your company.

Not only do we unearth interesting product and service ideas from your employees, our systems can identify and nurture your internal innovators, developing effective award schemes and encouraging additional idea development.

We review any current processes and can help to revise and/or implement new proven processes, which can generate new product ideas and patents.

  • Implement internal tools (build or buy) to enable the open exchange, debate, and refinement of ideas, especially ones that cross organizational boundaries
  • Capture these ideas, let the best rise up to the top through internal crowdsourced review
  • Connect inventors with implementers and keep the process moving forward
  • Ensure that no good idea is left behind: if you can’t build it yet, patent it now
  • Expose the big innovators and the big ideas in your company

If you’ve got your own internal innovation management software, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with Spigit, Imaginatik,  Jive & Microsoft Sharepoint. If not, we can also offer you…

Innovation Management Systems

You’ve got innovators and innovation among your employees right now. How do you capture and unearth that innovation? Use tools which work to surface and present ideas. We have built proven systems to do just that.

  • Our ideas! platform is a corporate-wide intranet clearinghouse for managing the flow of ideas throughout your company. Not only does it surface great ideas, and lets your employee brain-trust vote and comment on those ideas, it allows your innovators and developers to connect in order to turn those ideas into reality.
  • Intended to ensure that best ideas don’t get lost or fall through the cracks
  • Provides better transparency and a starting place for collaboration on new concepts

Futurist Programs

The problem: all you get from your innovation programs are incremental improvements to existing product lines.

The solution: engage hellofuture to run a futurist program at your company

Our futurist program encourages your employees to look up from their daily deliverables and look into the near future, envisioning what the world will be like, your company, your industry, and the products and services your company should be creating for that future. The competition is fun, helps build teams of collaborators, helps to further unearth the innovators at your company, is a great morale booster, and results in both actionable products and patents for future products.

  • We’ve run two Futurist programs at Yahoo!, resulting in a large number of patent applications, unearthing prolific inventors and improving team morale

Idea Jams

hanging_light_bulbsIn concert with your internal teams, we can undertake idea jams, where we

  1. Identify the innovators with your company
  2. Select a specific area to generate ideas in
  3. Bring those together with skilled ideation faciliators on our team in order to generate a large quantity of high qulaity ideas, which can either immediately be placed into your product or patent pipelines
  • We’ve run successful idea jams at both Yahoo! and Citigroup generating over 50 ideas per hour, many of which resulted in product or patent

Innovation Landscaping

external-innovationMany of our customers prefer to allow others to take the risk and enter the market before they decide to invest in a specific product, service or technology for their own customers. In order to augment their internal innovation efforts, we provide a service we call “Innovation Landscaping”. Similar to patent landscaping, based on a given direction by our client, we research startup activity for possible M&A activity or acqui-hire. We do this with an eye to bringing that product, service and/or intellectual property to our customers for further development or integration into their current or future product set.

  • Let us scout for new products, services & features that you can add to your innovation portfolio

Focused Events, “Pre-Storms” and Summits

Processes and tools may not be enough.  In many cases, we can employ a higher touch model in order to truly get at the innovation buried within your company:

  • We can hold time-limited focused events where we bring together cross-functional groups in order to solve a specific issue or address a predefined goal i.e. “how can I develop more services I can monetize?”
  • We can run pre-storms high-touch sessions where we bring together innovators across your company in order to “prime the pump” – get your people thinking innovation, then let them loose on a problem
  • A key issue in larger enterprises are independent departments who compete for resources, talent, and knowledge, some of which are working on similar projects, with no knowledge of the other groups. Our summits (cross-departmental and cross-functional brainstorms) capture the emotional side of creativity, give people an opportunity to expand personal and information networks, and allow disparate groups to share information in a non-threatening way.

Innovation Councils

Once you’ve got these ideas, what do you do with them? Most of our customers have a phenomenal amount of ideas generated. How do you sort through and determine the best of the best, once they’ve gone through the generation and filtering process?

Our innovation councils are hand-picked groups of innovators and big thinkers across your company forming cross functional teams which meet on a regular basis to review and refine big ideas before they are handed off to product or patent.

  • We can organize the membership, mandate and scope of your innovation council, making it a useful intermediate or final filter in the process of bringing ideas to product or patent

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